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I specialize in finding opportunities with the help of my team, along with executing various strategies from start to finish. I strive to create opportunities for investors who would like to attain wealth and financial freedom through a hands-off approach, through real estate.

If you’re one of these investors, my experience will guide you. Nothing is more important to me than making sure we BOTH make money!


Rob Chopra Real Estate Investor

Rob Chopra

About Me

Originally from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Rob currently lives and invests in Ontario, Canada. He is a former high-limit casino dealer, who has turned to real estate investing, coaching, and is an investor focused mortgage agent. With an extensive background in various real estate strategies such as flipping, wholesaling, and long-term hold properties being his favourite strategy, Rob is primarily focused in the Golden Horseshoe and Niagara Region.

His latest deals include single-family to multifamily conversions and a small apartment building for which he will be adding additional units. 

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We buy homes

Looking to sell your house? We provide real estate expertise to homeowners and offer quick closes with a hassle-free client experience. Contact us today to get started.


Invest with us

We help people achieve great returns by investing in a hard tangible asset known as real estate. Would you like to see returns that you don’t get with other methods of conventional investing? Contact us today to get started.



We are always looking for properties in need of work. Whether they are completely run down or they need a makeover, our team specializes in all types of renovations and can manage any size project from start to finish.

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Why Investors Work With US

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At Modern Image Properties, we strive to make investing as turnkey as possible. Truly keeping our partnerships transparent and open from beginning to end. 

Full Transparency

Creating win-win deals for our partners is what has catapulted us to success. We know how important your investment is, and we will protect it as we do our own.

Our Goal

To improve the financial standing of our partners by actualizing their dream of creating the lifestyle and retirement they desire. 

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Hands Off Investing

If you don’t want to get involved in dealing with the minutiae of the deal, we have you covered. Our team specializes in making the process as hands off and hassle free as possible. 

Take Charge

Let your money work hard for you. Whether it’s private lending or joint venture partnerships, we will walk you through to success, step by step. 


Rob Chopra I Real Estate Investor and Mortgage Agent

Rob Chopra I Real Estate Investor and Mortgage Agent

My name is Rob Chopra. I am a husband, the owner of Modern Image Properties Inc., a Real Estate Investor, and a Mortgage Agent. I have been investing in real estate since 2012.

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We are here to help you  5 days a week, and respond within 24 hours. You can find most answers to your questions right on this page.

We primarily invest in the cities of St. Catharines, Niagara Falls, Port Colborne, Welland, Fort Erie, and Hamilton, Ontario, but we are open to any idea you have.

Absolutely you can. We are constantly looking to expand our portfolio and invest in new properties. The best part is, there are no realtor fees for you!

Within the joint venture (JV) partnership strategy, I require my partners to be the Capital partner.

I will find and manage my team, the property, and the tenants for the duration of our joint venture partnership (detailed roles and responsibilities are explained through a consultation call). Our standard term for the partnership is 5 years, at which time we mutually decide between various options such as, renewing to a new mortgage term, refinancing, or selling the property.

This partnership is structured in a way to provide you with a completely hands-off and passive investment, but still receive the benefits of investing in real estate.

Use the “Contact Us” form to get started. We will then proceed to set up a call and determine if this is a good fit for you!

Absolutely! We offer private lending opportunities. Contact us today to learn more!

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Here's what a few of our JV partners and private lenders had to say


"Transparency, Professionalism and Honesty are just a few words to describe my relationship with Rob C of Modern Image Properties. Here’s to continued growth."
Jeff C.
Private Lender
"I started my real estate journey in 2019. I started off with private lending with Rob C. and had an amazing experience. From there we have done a few deals together through joint venture partnerships. Rob has helped me grow my real estate portfolio with well performing assets. For anyone wanting to start or grow their existing portfolios, I would highly recommend working with Rob.”
Andrew P.
Joint Venture Partner/Private Lender
"Rob was my first Joint Venture Partner and has been a life changing experience. He was able to guide and help me understand real estate investing. Working with Rob has debunked a lot of stereotypes of investing in real estate, and now, I am an investor myself! Looking forward to working on our next deal!"
Phil K
Joint Venture Partner

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